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Links you might enjoy. videos on various features of cat care, including pilling, taking your cat's temperature, and brushing cats' teeth. You will need to have the Macromedia Flash Player to view the videos. a nice site demonstrating safe outdoor cat enclosures. Wouldn't every cat love to have one?  a fun site featuring submitted photos of kittens. A new one each day!  a fun site featuring submitted photos of puppies. A new one each day! Official site of the Humane Society of the United States.   shop online for pet supplies.   shop online for pet suppies. online pet pharmacy. shop online for pet supplies selected/endorsed by veternarians.
  Online shopping, or visit the store in St. Joe!
P.O. Box 969
St. Joseph, MO 64502-0969
Store located at:
3705 Pear St.
St. Joseph, MO 64503
Showroom hours:
M-F 7:30-6 and Sat till 5 CDT

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