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If you would be interested in fostering an animal or animals please read on.  This page describes our fostering program and tells you how to contact us to become a foster "parent".

It is our hope that we will be able to place animals in foster homes until a permanent home can be found for them.  Our expectation of a foster home is that it provides adequate care to the animals it fosters.  Dogs require fencing or supervision when outside and cats should be confined indoors during their stay.  The HSRC will cover veterinary expenses if needed and provide food, dishes, litter, carriers/kennels.  All animals being fostered remain the property of the Humane Society of Richardson County; any adoptions of fostered animals must go through the HS. Fostering requires the type of person who can take home a needy animal to care for, bond with, and then return to the shelter.

All foster parents must:

  • Fill out a detailed application

  • Be willing to have a home inspection

  • Understand, and agree with, the foster program's goals

  • Meet the HSRC's adoption standards

  • Prove that owned pets are sterilized, vaccinated, and well cared for.

The Humane Society gets involved mainly with kittens, puppies and orphaned newborns. In addition, animals not claimed at the city pound may need fostering after their 5 day waiting period ends.

Foster homes are desperately needed, so if you would like to become a foster care provider, please fill out the request form below and an application will be sent to you.


Full Name
Street Address
Zip Code


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